So darling Funke of @giftysdaughter has been kind enough to give me 6 different lip treatments from NYX to give away to y'all!!
  Isn't she amazing? Thanks hon, you ROCK!!
  They are all in red...*of course* ???
 So the conditions for eligibility are that you have to be following @giftysdaughter and @sheisboki on IG and @Redlipswin on Twitter...
Ooooooookay, now let's get to the fun part. The questions.
  1. What's my dog's name
  2. What's my favorite colour
  3. Who's my favorite person
  4. What's my full government name
  5. What are my top 3 hashtags
  6. What's my dream job
  7. What's my mother's name
  8. I have 6 babies, what are their names
  9. What do I call my breasts
  10. Who do I refer to as "the love of my life"
*You will note that the questions range from easy as pie to "chei, I'll have to stalk her to find this one", I had to make it a little hard na*

The competition will last a week and after that I will randomly  select 6 winners from all the correct submissions. Family and friends are not eligible. *You know yourselves, behave !!*
Submissions should be sent to my email,*look up to your right* with the subject GIVEAWAY. Please state your IG and/or Twitter handle before answering the questions. Sadly I can only ship within Nigeria *for now* but it doesnt mean the blog followers in obodo oyibo arent eligible. You can gift it to someone and make them smile. Spreading red lip love......
Good luck ???

You guys don't know how much I appreciate the support y'all show me so I'm so excited to be able to give something back.  God bless you and I promise to post more.


Written by Boki
My name is Boki and I love all things beautiful. I’m a very positive person and I truly expect the same from all of you that decide to take this journey with me so please read our house rules and behave accordingly.


  1. Aunty Tochi September 5, 2015 at 3:40 pm Reply

    Chei… Lolzz

  2. Toin September 8, 2015 at 5:22 pm Reply

    Chei! To think i’ve been not found my perfect red lippies yet *wails*

  3. Adebimpe September 12, 2015 at 12:05 pm Reply

    4.) Boki Ofidile
    9.) Puppies
    I tried small.

  4. HoneyDame October 26, 2015 at 10:04 am Reply

    1. What’s my dog’s name – Lullah
    2. What’s my favorite colour – Red?
    3. Who’s my favorite person – Achike
    4. What’s my full government name – Oyiboka Ofodile
    5. What are my top 3 hashtags – #RedLipsWin (lol) #Nwanlecha(something something) #TuzaQueen
    6. What’s my dream job – To be a SugarBaby (LMAO)
    7. What’s my mother’s name – Funmi
    8. I have 6 babies, what are their names – Seember, Haybee, your nieces (I forget their names)
    9. What do I call my breasts – Puppies
    10. Who do I refer to as “the love of my life” – Uche, TheBlackHermit?

    LOL…This was fun…I didnt realise I had stowed away so much in my subconscious!

  5. fluffycutething October 26, 2015 at 11:18 am Reply

    I was hoping that the prize(s) would be given to the fourth to comment! *sighs*

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